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Steel Bank Common Lisp (SBCL)

Merge schedule/status:

Task Info ETA/status (main development)
Backport safepoint-based GC to Linux (Dmitry's STW protocol) make it interrupt safe again, etc. done
Upgrade sb-safepoint/Linux to Anton's STW protocol introduce per-thread foreign code CSP safepoints Done
Upgrade sb-safepoint/Linux to Anton's STW protocol part #2 now improvements from late 2011 are missing :-( to be done
Pull in a few fixes needed for Wine done
Set up autobench building of this branch autobench already changed/forked; need to hook into cron now new boinkmarks set up
Pull in the actual Windows threading changes October 2012
Port to Windows x64 Extract Patch from Anton's branch ??? Better do this as soon as possible to avoid annoying divergence from upstream for this huge changeset
SIGPROF (sb-prof) fixes Hook sb-sprof into the runtime ?
SIGPIPE avoidance (INTERRUPT-THREAD) sb-thruption
SIGALRM avoidance (timer facility) sb-wtimer
SIG*: user-defined signal support delay user-defined signal handler invocation to safepoints instead of the end of PA ?
Really remove pseudoatomic even on non-Windows Trivial once the signal changes above are all done
I/O fixes interruptible I/O In progress
I/O fixes HANDLEs In progress
I/O fixes Console I/O In progress